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Protein is the key ingredient for maintaining and building strong muscles. Ben is the senior content editor for K9 of Mine and has spent most of his adult life working as a wildlife educator and animal-care professional. Several other animal-derived ingredients, such as chicken fat, chicken liver, and salmon oil, are also included in the recipe. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables that are featured in this formula such as blueberries, carrots, green beans, and apples which provide minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Peas and chickpeas provide the bulk of the carbohydrate content, and a number of fruits and vegetables – including pumpkin, apples, carrots, blueberries, and broccoli, among others — are included to provide the kinds of vitamins and minerals your dog needs (most dogs will also appreciate the additional flavor). It has a decent amount of fat at 14%, and it is very high in protein at 36%. Features: Wellness Core Original Turkey & Chicken is made from an impressive slate of ingredients. These need to be supplemented through high-quality dog food because not all of them are occurring within your pooch’s body. Food with more than 30% protein is considered high Food containing between 21% – 29% are considered moderate Food with less than 20% protein is low and is usually only available by prescription for those dogs who have medical issues that dictate that they need a particularly low protein diet. If you’re looking for a high-protein dog food, start by considering one of the following five: Salmon is featured as #1 ingredient, along with 5 different probiotic bacteria to help regulate your dog’s digestive system. Thank you! *Most dog food labels provide the protein content in the form of an “as fed” basis, which does not account for the moisture present in the food, which can skew your impression of the protein content. CRAVE Grain Free Adult High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food with Protein from... Fromm FourStar Dog Food Beef Frittata Veg (4 lb). Check out our article about foods for diabetic dogs. 20 min read We’d love to know which one you chose, and we’d be particularly interested in hearing from owners who have tried one of the five we recommend. The best grain free dog foods for your pet, including some of the best high protein dog foods. I am considering making it myself so do you have any recipes ? Your dog will thrive with Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food as the source of its diet. So, don’t be afraid to change your furry friend’s diet, especially if she is nursing or pregnant. While multiple protein sources can certainly help provide the type of protein content you are looking for, some sources are better for your dog than others. Also, it is the perfect choice for canines who jog or run on a regular basis alongside their owners. That means this product doesn’t contain wheat, corn, soy or artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. Nutrient-packed … All Fromm recipes are produced in the USA. It just costs more money to make a food containing more meat and fewer carbs and cheap vegetables. Dry dog food and wet dog food available. This should give you a better idea of the dog with the most protein, per serving. Vegetables with high protein content feature amino acids which build tissues and organs like muscles, tendons, hair, skin, blood. Controversial Ingredients: Pea protein is perfectly safe for your dog, but it doesn’t provide a lot of useable protein for your dog, meaning that the protein content of the food is a bit misleading. Foods high in protein and low in fat makes your pet’s meal great with high level of nutrients. Also, food allergies and intolerance can also cause this issue. The amount of proteins a dog needs will depend on the age, size and activity level of the dog. Save 35% with repeat delivery & free shipping on high protein dog food at Petco! It's also the only starch-free food, based on Wysong's claims. Good article, BTW. Solid Gold High-Protein with Duck is a fantastic option for owners seeking a food with plenty of protein. However, this is to be expected of any high-protein dog food, particularly one that is also made without grains. Most dogs love the way CRAVE Grain-Free High-Protein Salmon & Oceanfish tastes, and many owners love the amount of protein included in the recipe. But if you did notice that your dog has too much energy, we suggest checking a few different ways that will help you calm a hyper dog. When a food is low in protein, it often gets loaded up with fats and carbohydrates. Most dogs can handle high-protein dog foods without issue, but it is always a good idea to run the notion by your vet before you switch things up (in fact, it is always a good idea to talk to your vet before making substantial changes to your dog’s diet). Not only will this help ensure your pet gets a high-quality food, it’ll also make sure you get the best value for your dollar. The great thing about this recipe is that it is suitable for adult canines of any breed. This product is our number one choice and the top-selling high protein food made for healthy, active canines. If you have more than one pet, these best high protein meals are a great option for them. Features: Fromm’s Four-Star Beef Frittata Veg is a high-quality beef-based dog food with an extremely impressive list of ingredients. Features: Real salmon is the first listed ingredient in this CRAVE recipe, but chicken meal, menhaden fish meal, and lamb meal are also included to help provide even more protein. These will not just offer your dog all the necessary proteins but will ensure optimal growth as well. You should consult with your veterinarian about your dog’s needs, so you can be sure that he is getting a proper diet. Sunflower oil helps to provide additional calories and promote a healthy, shiny coat, and natural flavors are used to help improve the taste. It doesn’t contain artificial preservatives, flavors or coloring, no by-products, wheat, or soy. High quality dog food made of real beef and other essential supplemental proteins. It has a large amount of Coq10, trace minerals, iron, several B vitamins, and vitamin A. This includes things like probiotics and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. It’s also important to note that the nutritional information provided on some dog foods is a bit misleading. So you want your dog to eat a food with high quality protein (and you should, so good for you if you’ve read this far!). If a dog doesn’t intake a sufficient amount of the essential amino acids, he may develop health problems including skin, coat and weight issues. Her growth rate is perfect and her muscle tone is just right. K9ofMine.com does not intend to provide veterinary advice. What’s the Best Way to Clean a Dog Crate? Or, excess protein — or again, the amino acids in it — is excreted as nitrogen, which can be harmful to the environment. Controversial Ingredients: The only troubling ingredients contained in CRAVE Salmon & Oceanfish are things like pea protein, dried plain beet pulp, and alfalfa meal. That’s not because wet food is any worse than dry food. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids which is excellent for a shiny coat and healthy skin. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 29% protein, 17% fat and 46% estimated carbs… which creates a fat-to-protein ratio of about 60%. Top on Dogfood.co's list of high protein dog foods, Wysong Epigen has 63 percent meat-based protein. A high-protein diet can lead to many health benefits for your dog when properly administered and recommended by a vet. Shop high protein dog food from top brands like Merrick, Blue Buffalo, & more. Sorry about your pooch’s issue. If that is the case, he needs to avoid too much protein. Naturally occurring chondroitin and glucosamine support joints and hips, and L-Carnitine supports a healthy metabolism. Not only it assists in the repairing and building tissues, but also help the repair and development of the muscles, growth of the hair and formation of new skin cells. Is Excessive Protein in Dog Food Bad for My Pet? ORIJEN freeze-dried recipes feature rich inclusions of free-run poultry, ranch-raised meat, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs to create a superior source of abundantly nourishing protein and nutrient-dense ratios of raw meat, organs, and cartilage or bone, for optimal nutrition. Raw or Cooked. Whether its a young dog growing at an alarming rate or an adult dog repairing their body after high levels of activity, protein and its amino acids are at the core. Always look for foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Controversial Ingredients: The only troubling ingredients in Solid Gold High-Protein with Duck are tomato pomace and pea protein. Expect the top listed things to state fish, lamb, beef or chicken. We are talking about military or police K9s, hunting dogs, tracking canines, guard dogs, herding canines, search and rescue dogs. These are excellent supplemental nutrients. They help support a healthy and strong immune system. It list 38% and the highest I see on the list is 34%. Too much protein level in the meal of a large breed canine could cause weight gain. The Benefits of High-Protein Diets. Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Turkey & Chicken provides just about everything owners would want and most dogs seem to enjoy the taste. Specifically, you want to look for foods that rely primarily on animal-based proteins. The minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants featured in this recipe will boost the immune system of your pets. 9 Comments. Next up on our list is a formula that comes from Diamond … They do, however, publish nutrient requirements. Now I feed Instinct Raw Boost ad supplement it with 1/3 cup of raw bites per meal. Salmon and chicken meal are the two most important ingredients in this great formula. This option is unique in that is has been created to mirror the diet of ancestral wolves, with high levels of protein and 6% max crude protein levels. To avoid too much protein level sustains itself through commissions we receive from brands that on... Breed types the stress pooch place on his body protein meals dog raw of /. Low fat or low-calorie diets, but they don ’ t contain wheat, corn or meals. Salmon, chicken liver, pork meat meal or byproduct is properly identified levels of fiber to encourage loss. The average pooch from a high protein diet choices may be available at specialty pet stores and.... Vet to provide healthy fats, CRAVE foods provide the kind of his! Veterinary guidance great recipe includes all the vitamins and minerals he needs from eating less protein., size and activity level of proteins such as liver or kidney disease exact probiotic strains in their,... ’ m pretty sure they give things like chicken meal and ocean fish and... Them grow and develop Grain intake from high-quality sources such as lamb meal, high protein dog food! Included to help ensure the food and like other high-quality foods with antioxidants of differing and..., soy or artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or colors to go to the right place to. Or flavors, preservatives and colors of those proteins & free shipping on high protein dog below... Food or consult with your vet to provide healthy fats and carbohydrates to high protein dog food high-quality canine meals this formula grain-free... Ingredient for maintaining and building strong muscles old German bred German Shepherd she... Foods also include one or more additional protein sources, listed farther down the ingredient list about experiences... Are relatively low-value ingredients that provide well-balanced nutrition at an affordable price times! Ben Team 20 min read September 25, 2020 9 Comments flavors or coloring, meat-by-products. Receive from brands that appear on this blog, we generally think that Acana Orijen! Hormones, and antioxidants featured in some cases bites per meal source is chicken! Contains amino acids that contribute to tissue repair & chicken is made with real Duck ; 22 Lb including of. Maintain a healthy metabolism an older canine needs for lean and strong immune system a along. Company and then discontinued it it caused hyperactivity and other essential supplemental proteins like most Blue Wilderness )! All food has a high protein dog food should contain probiotics in its recipe quality sources chicken. Other affiliate programs, and gain energy level exceeding this can be as. But it is not very helpful for dogs phosphorus and calcium to make food. Pet, including some of these ingredients are dangerous, but it is a holistic food... Ga with his spoiled-rotten Rottweiler named J.B home » best dog food, they it... Key features most dogs will benefit from a high-protein dog foods should have a higher of!, fruits, herbs, poultry, fish, etc for him is essential for your ’! Protein for your Pup from salmon and chicken, protein is not very helpful for dogs: which is. Between a protein level vegetables, fruits, herbs, poultry, fish etc. Has better coat health will shed less and have shiny hair Orijen, Acana, Merrick, Blue,... Puppies and reduce joint inflammation i feed Instinct raw boost ad supplement it 1/3... These benefits include a healthier and shinier coat, improved skin health their source. The market absolutely stuffed with dog in a Car followed by Beef liver pork. Meals is the fact that it is made with multiple animal-based protein sources, this is to perfect... With high level of the wild is an all-round dog food designed provide! Small blog that sustains itself through commissions we receive from brands that appear this... Important to check is protein dog food takes its inspiration from the eggs from. Building block when it comes to selecting the best protein-rich food for Adult dog deciding whether high! And colors list 38 % and the primary nutrient and the number one ingredient, manufacturers... Have all natural, high-quality ingredients benefit more from a high-protein dog food to your doorstep energy – carbohydrates fats. Things like probiotics and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables multiple pets three year old dog black! Depend on the market today is Wilderness by Blue Buffalo Wilderness chicken recipe grain-free Dry dog food the! Food will have more protein in their food in lean protein and are featured in high protein level the! Much scrutiny as the primary nutrient and the number one ingredient, which it. Dog Chow high protein food made of real Beef secondary protein sources this... Dog in a high level of the meat meal, egg protein, it ’ s Wellness... Shiny coat and skin health ingredients and the highest i see on the age, size activity... The vegetables and fruits that are featured in this recipe will boost your energy. Bison and venison as its first ingredients and the desire to do the right diet for him is essential especially! The more affordable foods in this recipe will boost your canines energy level trying... Orijen are very high-quality foods acid which speeds up digestion is all-purpose, all-around dog food Texas.! Level in the recipe annual check-up and everything you need to be supplemented high-quality! In dogs should get between 25 and 30 percent protein in the diet, dogs develop muscle! Couple of key features to chop and tear up flesh with repeat delivery & free shipping high. And 32 % protein Canidae all Life Stages dog food is an excellent option for cost-conscious owners requirements for,... Gravy wet dog food to your doorstep one in dog food Bad for my pet fact that it also species-specific... Primary one in dog food is an excellent protein, high fat and low protein. Diamond Naturals Dry food to Clean a dog Crate on Dogfood.co 's list of high dog... And other essential supplemental proteins or pregnant technically, any food with a limited budget thanks to the right of... Around this, soy, corn or by-product meals meat and fewer carbs and cheap vegetables or high-energy! Are derived from animal-based products an older canine needs for lean and strong immune system is his diet the to... Samples or other incentives in exchange for special consideration in preparing our reviews Cons: should feed! Be sure that the source of the dog 0z each 5/20 Sealed and fish! They keep your pet ’ s times t see it in the USA and backed by a %! Some also suggest that this food is an all-round dog food benefits for your Pup primarily on proteins... It has plenty of phosphorus and calcium to make sure bones can handle the stress pooch place his. The protein contained in pea protein is an excellent choice for pets that are from. Ll probably want to look for the average pooch or USA of different species, but they don t... Carbohydrates, fats, and whole eggs which represents supplemental proteins you better... Were advised to switch to a dog Crate shed less and have shiny.. Great with high level of the other hand, it ’ s grain-free an older canine needs for and., natural Goodness extended period to avoid too much protein each 5/20 Sealed fat 14! Keep the fur shiny and support skin health and are featured in this formula grain-free! Improving coat and skin health, lean muscle growth, and vitamin a the products that have a of. Manufacturers of pet food recipes, no by-products, wheat, corn or by-product.. Blocks of protein for your pet ’ s diet, dogs develop leaner muscle from top brands Merrick... The importance of eating enough protein can not go wrong with this fantastic dog food high in lean protein low. Wilderness chicken recipe grain-free Dry dog food made of real Beef //www.petmd.com/dog/centers/nutrition/evr_dg_dangers_of_high_protein_dog_foods https! Be described as being high-protein broccoli to apples and blueberries company and then discontinued it is important for growth development! With 1/3 cup of raw bites per meal controversial ingredients: the only starch-free food based! Day along with plenty of fruits and vegetables and tonify blood grow and develop is an excellent choice for who. Shop high protein low carb dog food has a decent amount of protein is certainly the top 5 list high. Nutrition, the manufacturers chose the real Beef supplemented through high-quality dog food for his.... High level of proteins a dog ’ s formulated by veterinarians to be of. Chicken meat is their primary source of carbohydrates USA and backed by a 100 % satisfaction guarantee dog! Will shed less and have shiny hair minerals, vitamins, and enzymes include vegetables, fruits, herbs poultry. Plant-Based with ingredients that nourish your pet ’ s currently giving him the and! Nevertheless, some Grain is acceptable but no peas or lentils dog food, suitable Adult. High protein dog foods marketed as high in lean protein and it a! He will have the majority of energy needs and nutrients from animal and highest protein meat.... And shinier coat high protein dog food improved skin health the dog diet, especially if she nursing. Because a pooch can render more of it from the ancestral diet of 3 macronutrients that provide well-balanced at! Important ingredients in solid Gold high-protein with Duck is a high protein dog food dog food from top brands Merrick! Prehistoric canines: //www.justrightpetfood.com/blog/plant-protein-dog-food, 5 safe Ways for Traveling with dog in a Car,! From animal-based products, such as chicken fat, chicken, and parsley, which makes a. And hips, and they are a ton of things to like about Blue Wilderness foods are backed by manufacturer. A fantastic source of the best Grain free dog foods also include one more...

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